Monday, August 8, 2011

Whew...I'm Pooped!

Today was the much anticipated first day back to home school.  I was up bright and early, because my niece comes before 8 am.  Which frankly, I find to be an inhumane time for anyone to have to be up AND functioning.

I don't know why the people in charge of everything don't all band together and decide that the business day should not begin until 11 am.  I think we would all be less cranky.

At any rate, I spent the morning burning through my printer cartridge with all the worksheets I needed and then I got to work whipping up a hot breakfast.  Pancakes, sausage and orange juice.  I foolishly doubled my pancake recipe, because I wanted there to be enough for everyone.  Now, I have a ton of left over pancakes.  Good thing they keep in the refrigerator, cause the kids will be eating them tomorrow. 

Well, that is one way to eat a pancake.

I did stop taking pictures long enough to cut their pancakes.

Blame the cell phone for the blur.

Trying to catch every bit of syrup with her tongue.

After filling up, we started our day with handwriting and social studies.  The two younger girls were very excited to learn about archeologists and nomads.   Tomorrow we are going to work on some 'cave painting' art projects.  I am sure that will be a hit.

After our discussion, everyone broke off to do their individual work, either online or in workbooks.  By 12:30 we were all ready for a break.   We had a nice lunch of baked potatoes and salad  with broiled chicken breast.

After lunch, the kids played outside for about a half hour.  They came inside because it started to thunder and looked stormy, though we never did get a storm- it blew over within an hour.  

The younger girls fixed up my bed as a reading area and I read them a couple stories while Aidan and Lilli played a video game.

I caught a few minutes of Days of Our Lives before the President broke in about the economy (boo...hiss..) I know the economy sucks.  I don't need the President to tell me about it and now  I don't know if Maggie Horton will survive her gunshot wound to the chest until I can catch it tomorrow, yes, I like soaps and I KNOW they are lame, but there you have it.  

We went back to work at 2 and  my niece got to 'Show and Tell' her seashells from her vacation in Florida.  She did a great job and it seemed every shell was her 'favorite'.


We finished up anything left from the morning and did some fun coloring pages.  Tomorrow we will be starting Spanish lessons after our lunch break.  

I also wanted to start art lessons in the afternoon, but the book I ordered isn't available until October.  Of course, they waited 2 weeks to tell me.  *sigh*

I will go back to researching options, but in the meantime, they will have to settle for the projects that go along with their social studies and unit studies.  We will start our unit studies next week, and first up is The Little House on the Prairie. 

Yes, even though the kids seemed less than enthused about the show.  But, I know the books are really good and when you get to build your own log cabin with the best supplies the Dollar Tree has to offer, it's makes it even better.
Random pics of the kids working throughout the day:

Now, everyone is relaxing before dinner.  I am really tired and I am already counting the hours until I can fall into bed.  Wish I hadn't promised to make  the kids cheeseburgers, cause I would throw Froot Loops at them if it wouldn't cause a riot.

These first few days will be  the hardest because I spent the summer sleeping in until after 9 and spending my days, sloth-like on the couch.  Hopefully, I get used to it soon.  If not, I can always start eating coffee grounds with a tablespoon.

Also, on the Comcast front- still no phone, or the cable TV extras I am supposed to have.  Although, yesterday afternoon, the On Demand worked for about 7 minutes.  I am not sure how I will refrain from punching the technician in the mouth when he shows up on Friday.  


  1. I don't know how I missed your last post but I have caught up now. Loved it! I really admire you for homeschooling and I think you are doing an excellent job. Love all the pics of your little students and your marvellously dry sense of humour.

  2. Your kids are darling! Way to start them out right first day of school. I'm going to be honest you are much more involved in this than my parents where, which is why your kids are going to do awesome. I loved the pictures it just brought your day to life..

  3. Dear April--I WANT TO BE HOME SCHOOLED BY YOU!! I promise not to get to your house before 11:00--actually 2:00pm would work better for me. Like you, I don't do mornings.

    I would love to see the entire WE ARE FAMILY poster on the wall behind the kids. When my kids were growing up they ate at a kitchen counter with a large bare wall in front of them. I put up a 3'x5' world map & never asked them to study it. I guess they were bored enough to look at it because they absorbed quite a bit about geography.

  4. @ Desiree, thanks for stopping by, you always make my day. @Melynda I really want my kids to love learning. I was a 'gifted' child that always hated school, so I wanted things to be different for my kids. @ fishducky- Do you sit in a stupor for an hour or two after you wake in the morning? Cause I can't even see straight for the longest time. I have maps and posters in the kid's rooms, because I, too, believe that looking at the same thing day after day helps them remember some of the less 'fun' stuff. As far as the We Are Family wall decal, I have the full thing on this old post:

  5. Found the "wall" post--loved it!

    How can you tell a "waking up in the morning" stupor from an "all day" stupor?

  6. You are amazing and I LOVE those pictures! Such daring kids :0)

  7. LMAO! I meant to type "darling," not "daring." Oh, it's been a long day.

  8. Well, now, April, I AM IMPRESSED!
    And this coming from a retired public school teacher.
    Of course I usually did a type of home school in my resource room because WE were excluded from the regular curriculum for such a long time. And, MY kids learned more than a lot of the others.

    Keep up the good work and remember that I can be a resource if you need one. I majored in just about everything and received my masters in education.

    As for spitting ginger ale when you read my answer to #2....I hope you didn't damage your adenoids! However, I am so glad that you enjoyed my post.


  9. The kids look so cute :)

    I'm so glad that in Latvia school starts on September 1st... I still have some time to sleep :D

    Thanks for your follow and comment :)


  10. I am right there with you on the day starting at 11am...but sadly I'm married to a man who ideally would like to be up and going at 8am. Thankfully we don't have kids yet so I manage to sleep till about 10 but I know that will all change someday. Love the homeschooling photos! Looks like fun! Hope you slept well last night.

  11. @fishducky- the size of the eye boogers determines the type of stupor.
    @kt- thanks and I find it great that you majored in just about everything, so I might take you up on your offer one day...uh oh, now you put your foot in it, lol! @Elisha thanks, and they are daring far more than darling, believe me and I wouldn't have it any other way...I have a feeling 'darling' kids would not be able to handle a weird mom like me


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