Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What have we been up to?

 Home school continues and I have learned some important things about myself:

1- teaching 4 kids is much harder than teaching 3.  How those people with 6 or 10 kids do it is beyond me, but then again, how they do anything without the assistance of valium laced cocktails is beyond me, too.

2- I enjoy history and social studies MUCH more than my kids, especially the girls.  They find most of it boring and I can tell that when I get all excited explaining something that they are just humoring me with their participation. I think history and geography are very important, so they are just going to have to endure.

3- I am even more decrepit that I previously thought- I have spent the last couple nights on the couch, drooling and immobile, just waiting until I can convince my legs to carry me to bed.

For anyone that thinks I exaggerate when I say that my kids are not  interested in history, here is an example of what my oldest  daughter did with her social studies work while I was reading a story aloud about Mesopotamia:

She added some the raining arrows of death and the river of blood.

And what is that figure by the poor ancient farmer's leg?

She says it is a gremlin/demon stabbing him in the leg.  Nice.

Yep, that weirdness comes straight from me.  I can't deny it and worse, I find it really funny.  I am such a bad influence.

They did have a great deal of fun making their cave paintings.

First they crumpled their construction paper to simulate the surface of a cave wall.

Then they argued over who got to use what brush.

What the cuss did I do with her head?

My oldest, who is a great artist, struggled with trying to replicate primitive art, so she used the most unwieldly paint brush she could find.

There were a lot of interesting stories to go with these paintings, including saber tooth tiger and mammoth hunts, exploding volcanoes and an unfortunate and deadly hunting accident that took place in a beautiful oasis.  Apparently life and art was pretty grim back in the day.

This morning it was gorgeous outside, so I decided to push lessons back until later and we went on a small 'field trip' downtown  (when you home school, you can call anything a field trip and feel superior....)

First we hit the post office to mail a package to my mother and father.  The kids were excited about the building because it is old and they had never been inside before.  My two older children were particularly interested in the criminal reward/wanted posters.  I mostly ignored their suggestions to supplement our income by hunting down lunatic bombers.

After we left, the kids spent time searching for colorful and sparkly rocks on the ground,  before we went for some ice cream at the Sweet Shoppe.

It was wonderfully cool inside and smelled so yummy, because not only do they sell ice cream, but what they are famous for is their homemade fudge.  Mmmm....fudge...

The kids enjoyed their ice cream while I enjoyed a Diet Dr. Pepper and sitting still.  Note the cart in the lower right corner.  That is our little cart for fetching groceries.

My oldest daughter loves this shop because they carry her favorite ice cream, Kentucky Delight, which is like Kentucky Pie (or some call it Derby Pie).  It is a brown sugar ice cream,  (wait...what? Brown sugar ice cream?  Insanity...yummy, yummy insanity) chocolate chunks, nuts, pie crust chunks and a caramel swirl.

 I would have loved to have some, but I can't eat ice cream when I am hot.  And yes, I know that is odd, but I AM odd.  Haven't you been coming here long enough to know that?  Incidentally, I ate a butt load of ice cream when I lived in Alaska and Alaskans eat more ice cream per capita than anyone else, so I guess I am not Alaska, anyway.

Back to the Sweet Shoppe.  I couldn't resist getting a piece of Maple Nut fudge for myself.

You know that scrumptious icing on maple doughnuts?  This is like that, without all that unnecessary doughnut getting in the way.

What fat girls see when they close their eyes at night.  This and Matthew McConaughey running shirtless on the beach.

The kids and I are were interested to learn that they were preparing candy for the Kentucky State Fair where they have 2 booths this year.  

Fair pics courtesy of the Kentucky State Fair:
 Louisville Kentucky State Fair Rides
I just wanted to show all you Yankees that  no one is playing a banjo or carrying a jug of moonshine.

Here is just some of the fantastic candy they have made to take to the fair.  I can not describe how wonderful this shop smells.  It is like heaven wrapped in chocolate and dipped in sprinkles.

Before we left, the kids and I noticed a big US map with push pins marking locations.  It turns out they deliver (who knew? Not me and this isn't my first time in fudge nirvana) and each pin represents the ordering customer's locations.  If you love fudge, you can order here: .  I highly recommend the Tiger Butter and the Peanut butter and Fudge varieties.

So, we left the shop and headed around the square, past all the cute little shops.  We stopped to peek into the windows of the Lincoln Museum and a jewelry store with beautiful pieces on display.

My niece with her ice cream (she took a bit longer to finish than the others), in front of the Jewelry store.

Next we came to the creek and stopped on the bridge to look at the water.  The kids were very interested in discussing the water level and the vegetation and the difference between the area in spring and summer.  The were very happy to spot a school of slim, silvery fish.  I was interested in standing still long enough to not feel my heart beat in my ear lobes.

View from the bridge and the best I could do with the cell phone camera.

We continued up town and stopped at the Dollar General store where my youngest spent some of her allowance on some Littlest Pet Shop toys for her and my niece and I bought everyone some Gatorade and chips.

They sat at a picnic table outside the IGA grocery store while I ran inside to pick up something for dinner and then we headed home.  It was much hotter on our return trip, but we managed (barely).

Now, everyone's belly is full and I am going to go read something entertaining and somewhat educational to them.  Then, I am going to collapse on the couch to drool.


  1. Dear April--Remember when I said I wanted to be home schooled by you? Now I REALLY want to! I never had a teacher that let us do "cave paintings" or took us out for ice cream.

    You have a way with words, kiddo. "Heaven wrapped in chocolate and dipped in sprinkles"--WOW!!

  2. You made me miss back home lady. My family is from North Carolina and Alabama. Your comment cracked me up today. I came over to see what you were talking about and yes apparently two great minds with a common theme. Just so you don't think you are weird I will tell you that Ice Cream sells usually go up almost 50 percent in the winter vs summer.. So see you are not odd at all when it comes to that. Any other oddities I can't explain away. hahaha

  3. You have an artist on your hands! That picture is amazing.

    All four kids are so cute ;0)

  4. @fishducky When I was in 6th grade, my all time favorite teacher took us all to her house to teach us how to make spaghetti and words can not describe how good that shop smells. @Elisabeth thanks, I think they are pretty cute, too.

  5. What a delightful group! Loved the photos. Home-schooling allows for adventures.

  6. Oh my goodness! Dying of laughter! Your commentary for things is brilliant!

    "What fat girls see when they close their eyes at night. This and Matthew McConaughey running shirtless on the beach."

    Hahahaha! Absolutely awesome funny!

  7. All this looks so much fun! My school field trips are always to a museum ;D no one ever takes us get ice cream :( ;D

  8. hilarious! nice writing style and great pics:)
    thankyou so much for visiting my blog!

  9. Hey woman. Let me know if and when you post today so I can come visit.. :)

  10. April, this is what I call Socratic teaching. There are so many things to learn out there that it is a shame that public education is hampered by rules that for good reason prohibit this. Can't you see taking 30 students on a quest like this. I can see the law suits now.

    Love ya gal....kt

  11. Another absolutely marvellous post, not only packed chock a block full of your wisdom but told in your usual incredibly hilarious way, not too much, just exactly the right amount! You really ought to get yourself an agent, April!

    I loved all the pictures of the kids and sights in and around the town and your little interludes. You really could get these "school" posts published, "as is"! They are perfect and I'm sure they be a valuable aid to not only inspiring other homes-chooling parents, but giving them a jolly good laugh into the bargain!


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