Saturday, July 23, 2011

My oldest daughter's birthday was this week.  She is 13- officially a teenager.

The moment she was born, she became my favorite person, my reason for living and the true love of my life.

She is headstrong and playful.  She keeps me entertained and I love spending time with her.

Incredibly loyal and honest.  I can always count on her to tell me the truth.

An animal lover that animals love back.  She even makes me spare snakes.

She always voices her opinion.  She is her own remarkable person.

She is never afraid to stand up for what is right.  She has accurately pointed out an adult's idiocy, to their face, more than once.

She has demonstrated how to be a loving child to my other children.

And her hugs make me feel like the most special mom in the world.

She never leaves the house, even just to play in the front yard, without saying, "Bye-bye, love you, Mommy!"

Even after her friends remarked on it and implied that it was 'uncool'.

She has always loved the water, swimming (she learned when she was 2!) and the snow.

The first one to run outside to play and the last to come in.

Smarter than she let's people see.  Wiser than I have ever been.
She is still my first love.
Happy Birthday, Lillianna.
Mommy loves you!!


  1. Happy 13th Birthday, Lillianna! You sound like such a special, wonderful, young lady and it is great to be able to get to know you through your Mom's blog! I so enjoyed seeing all these lovely pictures of you growing up from babyhood to the teenager you have become today! I am very impressed that you remain true to yourself, regardless of peer pressure and that you have such a deep attachment to and connection with animals! Always stay as sweet and lovely as you are.

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo

  2. Thanks for stopping by Desiree. You always make my day. Lilli hopes to be a zoologist someday. She would be great, because I have never animals and insects (yes, insects!) take to anyone like they do my girl.

  3. Just read your comments on my last two posts...thank you for visiting! in regard to knowing all the names of the birds, I only recognise the most common ones. We had to look up the names of some of these and another blogging friend has helped identify one of the birds I was unable to in an earlier, I'm really not that clever at all :)

    I am SO SAD & FED UP to hear your landlord is so incredibly selfish and unreasonable...irrational, too, if you ask me! Imagine having been forced to get rid of all your flowers! I too would have been exceedingly upset/mad!

    I have sent you an email and an ecard for Lilly.

  4. Happy, happy birthday Lillianna! I am sure that you had a wonderful day - from the sounds of it, your mother would have made it fabulous from the minute you opened your eyes until you went to sleep again! xxx

  5. Lillianna....What a beautiful name. Sounds like a princess. What a beautiful ode to your daughter.
    I still say you have miss-named your blog. it should be Confessions of Loving Mom.



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