Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer fun and prom shoes

The human body is a weird machine, just waiting to do us in.  Example- I just hiccuped so hard that I cracked my neck.  I was afraid to turn my head for a nano second, that is how hard it popped.

Along with my usual ulcer/gastrointestinal issues that have plagued me the last few days, I have had a cold, so I am not exactly on friendly terms with my earthly shell at this point.

It has been blazing hot here in KY for the last week.  We didn't really get spring, unless you count a month of cold rain.  We went from cold and dreary straight into hot and sunny 90+ degree weather.  Since I left Alaska 13 years ago, I had had difficulty dealing with the heat of summer.

Last year, I spent a lot more time outside than usual (what with having a house and yard instead of an apartment) and I found that I was not as affected by the heat as before.  Now, this year, I am doing even better.  That isn't to say I will be doing cartwheels (the centrifugal force would rip my legs from my body any way) or running marathons (cause who the hell wants to), but if I just relax on the porch I find I don't mind the heat at all.

My daughter's new bike she bought with her allowance she had been saving.  I am so proud of her.

The kids are loving the fact that school has ended and they can play all day with their friends.  Of course, with summer comes swimming and playing in the hose. As long as I don't think about the water bill, I can enjoy watching them frolic.

The flowers out front and the lettuce patch in the back are coming along very nicely.  We have even had a couple salads of baby lettuce already.

My oldest daughter loves going out back and clipping some lettuce for us.  She said it makes her feel like she is really doing something.  I don't think you can get a better endorsement for gardening.  

Finally, I had to share a pic of my youngest in what she calls her 'prom' shoes:

I forgot she had these on and I took her to the grocery store!

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  1. The goggles and prom shoes are super! We've been eating lettuce from our garden too. Home grown produce is the best!


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