Friday, June 24, 2011

Sharing stuff you don't want to know...

Well, I am sans camera and interesting topics, so I thought I would cheat a bit.  I tried to think of something that you all might find entertaining and at the same time, would give you a peek into my past.

So.....spending all of 3 minutes brainstorming, I decided I would look up the top songs from some of the important summers of my life.

Well, except the first summer.  I was born in October, 1973, so I wasn't exactly able to give my opinion on what 8-track my Mom was going to listen to.  For those of you that don't know what an 8-track is...well first, crawl out from under your rock and read a book or something.

Way back in the olden times, it was how people listened to music after vinyl records but before cassette tapes.

Having heard enough about my Mom's teen years, it is entirely possible that the ode to lame  #1 song of 1973 was one of her favorites.

In the interest of deep, professional research,  I just called her and she bragged that she had gone to the NY state fair in 1974  to see the group...Holy Craptastic taste, Batman!  She then proceeded to serenade me.  This was double fun cause 1-the song bites and 2-my Mom has a voice like rusty nails in a clothes dryer.  Love you, Mom.

Anyway, back in the Summer of 1974,  she was so excited to go to the fair for the first time at the age of 16 and wanted to get to her concert and eat candy apples and fried dough.  However,  the people she went with were only interested in getting free blood pressure checks, free weight checks and even stood in line for hours for some free 'new' kind of band-aids.

One girl ate so much free cheese at the Dairy Barn that she ended up with diarrhea.  Good Times.

So, without further ado...the number #1 song (and one of my Mom's golden oldies) of 1973...

Try not to watch that 'stache on his face to see if it is a  sentient creature...I dare you to try!

The song  gets better when you learn that the true, tender meaning of the lyrics are about a convict returning home and looking for a ribbon to see if he was welcome to bring his facial hair into the home of his lady love.  Turns out he was really welcome, cause there were a 100 ribbons.  Oh, the romance!  I can only imagine the low self-esteem that broad had...

Now, let's skip the rest of the 70's cause I was a kid and disco was in and well, that is reason enough.  In the summer of 1987, I was 13, my oldest daughter's age.  

It was a time of huge hair and tacky taste...
This is Patrick 'McDreamy' Dempsey rocking a 'fro.

We all dressed like hookers or 'The Bangles'.

And we perpetrated heinous crimes against hair and the ozone...

A top song from the summer of 1987 showcases a very talented singing (not dancing,  Lord knows she has as much rhythm as a marionette) Whitney Houston before the tragic downward spiral...

The 80's passed in a blur of hairspray and spandex and soon it was time for me to graduate from high school in June of 1991.  Stop using your fingers and toes to see how long ago that was...

I would have loved to post a picture of me at graduation, in my white spandex mini dress (swear to God!), but somehow that photo album has disappeared (with a little help from my sticky fingered kids).  I searched hard for it dear readers and got my neck kink a-throbbing again. Yeah, me!

You will have to settle for this picture of me from that summer rocking some acid washed jeans...
...and hurricane proof hair.

The top song from the week I graduated happens to also be one of my favorite music videos of all time.  Maybe it is the 1950's's a very young and cute Keanu Reeves as the love interest:

So, time went pretty quickly after graduation until it came to a screeching halt in 1997 when I had a huge, ugly car accident.  That summer, I was very happy and grateful to be alive and the top song for the third week of June was appropriately perky enough:

Seeing those boys married with kids now makes me feel even older than usual.  Ahh, the arthritic kink in my neck...

That ends our  time warp for now.  You're Welcome.

I looked up the top songs right now and I don't know or like most of them...must be losing my touch.  

However, a somewhat current song  I am  loving right now has an infectious chorus and the video pays homage (with gorgeous costumes) to talented black female performers through the ages- Josephine Baker, The Supremes, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, TLC and more. Enjoy.

Tune in the next time I have to get creative with a cameraless, topicless blogpost...


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, April! It's full of your delightfully quirky humour and afforded me a trip down memory lane, too. I matriculated (last school year) the year you were born and 1973 was the year I started my university studies. What a lovely picture of you the year you finished school :)

    Perhaps sometime you'll tell us about your accident?

  2. Thanks Desiree. I don't know if I will ever do a post on my accident...I have recounted THAT story more times than I would like. Let's just say a kid in a truck T-boned my car and busted me up so bad, I couldn't sit up straight for 6 weeks or walk unassisted for about 6 or 7 months and I am still a bit of a gimp to this day.

  3. Oh, April. I'm really sorry to know it has had long term physical effects (probably emotional, too?). To be involved in any accident is stressful but to have been so badly injured adds a whole gamut of additional problems/issues to deal with. I can understand your reluctance to do a blog post about it. It's probably something you'd really like to be able to forget.

    I do hope you were adequately compensated for your pain and suffering! Not that this could in any way undo the physical and emotional trauma you endured. I think you are quite remarkable the way you actively confront your life and everything it tosses at truly are an inspiration, April! Your children are so lucky to have you as their Mother :)

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo

  4. I still have some lingering anxiety about being in another automobile accident, but other than that, I am OK psychologically (regarding the wreck...otherwise...haha...). You are such a great cheerleader, Desiree and you make my day every time I hear from you. So glad that kt introduced me to you and your blog. Give the doggies lots of love and enjoy your garden for me.

  5. Apart from the fact that I had no idea what an 8-track was (and slinked discreetly from view), I loved this post. I also wish I had been a little older in the 80's (I was born in 1985) as my naturally-curly/frizzy hair would have been all the rage!!

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  7. Woo Hoo! I am able to comment finally. Had to go to Blogger Help and read about others having the same trouble, in which someone walked us thru several steps to do this and that on the computer and it worked. YIPPEE!!! I feel like I am part of the family.

  8. Hey April, loved the post, what memories you brought back. I can remember those days when we were 13 and listening to music or watching that crappie MTV that you turned me on to some how down the line. Also can remember the hairdo's we use to sport.

    Now I know I have seen that picture of you in your white skin tight dress when you graduated.

    Also how ironically our car accidents were so similar. You need to share the story about rolling me over to Family Dollar from the nursing home and going down hill to leave. I am sure you also have some good laughs to share about my kids and parents while you stayed to help after my accident.

    Love ya sis and keep on writing, your a natural!


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