Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Loving Summer Break

I have been thoroughly enjoying summer break- no school work, no schedules.  Most days are spent either outdoors enjoying the sun and warmth or inside vegging out on movie marathons:

     Eclipse Movie
Best Thursday EVER!  I know...kinda lame for an old broad like me, but have you looked at those boys?!

Our local pool finally opened, so we went this weekend and had a blast.  My youngest was so excited, because she can finally keep her head above the water in the shallow end.  Now, if only she would trust me when I am trying to teach her to swim...

My wildflowers and sunflowers are growing like crazy:

The kids get such a kick out of flowers that are taller than they are. 

Oh, yeah...and the tiny lettuce patch is coming along.  We made a salad with some to it last night. 

Finally, the girls enjoying the blow up pool in the front yard:


  1. You absolutely deserve to vegetate! You've worked hard all year and summer is the time o have fun and break free! So glad you're enjoying your R&R. Your 'meadow mix' flowers are looking so pretty!! Love those old fashioned pink zinnias and the blue cornflower. That'
    s such a pretty bicolour orange daisy and the poppy is a beautiful shade of pink. Of course, bright sunshiny sunflowers always make me happy. Hope you're picking bunches to put indoors :)

    Your little veggie patch is looking great, April! I'm delighted to know you're finally able to pick and eat your own salad crop! Now that you've set a precedent, couldn't you just keep that little spot & plant there again next season? Surely your landlord/lady can't be that pig-headed!

  2. definitely! Your blog title made me laugh!

    So glad i found your blog ^_^




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