Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring time!!

I have my front door open to get some fresh air.  Of course, this means that I also get to listen to the 8 kids on my porch.  Hmmmm....

I finished up the kids' school work early and started on a pan of yeast rolls for dinner.  They finished about 30 minutes ago and they were absolutly the best rolls I have ever eaten!!
I have eaten 3 of these already.  My tummy is way too full, but I would do it again.

My son is a fan!

I forced my daughter to let me take this picture.  She apparently is embarrassed that people might realize she eats.  Frigging skinny girl media.

In other boring and self-involved news: my little wildflower/sunflower patch up front is making progress. 
Note the cheap, ghetto fence in front.  I thought it would deter the kids from walking right in my flowers.  It works for feet, but they still throw balls, garbage and most recently a chair in there.  No,  my kids aren't doing it, so I can't rip their arms off.

This patch had a gas can and some juice pouches in here this morning.  But, the flowers are still coming along.

We have a big patch of honeysuckle that grows wild out back and it has started blooming.  I love the wonderful smell and the kids love to suck the nectar from the flowers.

My youngest with her 'treat'.

I thought I would take a pic to show you the area where the honeysuckle grows.

This is the left side of my back yard.  But wait...

What is this abomination lying in my yard?!

OH! HELL! NO!  Some neighbor kid left his creepy thing on my lawn!!

I think the only thing that will calm me down is another yeast roll...and shutting the front door!


  1. April you really must get on with writing your book! You are incredibly talented and have me in stitches with this post! BTW your baking is very good, too! You have such a large garden space! Such a pity you aren't allowed a dog or veggie patch! Super pics of your kids :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment. I have to tell you that once that doll was picked up (by the owner, I was not touching it, it is too creepy), it was even more disturbing than I thought. It had a quarter size hole in the top of it's head- IT WAS DESIGNED THAT WAY!! I am still trying to figure out if they are now selling lobotomy dolls.

  3. Just thought I would check in and see what you were up to.
    Hey, they let you grow flowers but not vegetables! What up with that?

    And FYI snakes and bees LOVE honeysuckle!

    Things are settling down around here but still trying to get used to the noise and clutter two little kids provide.

  4. Just read your guest post on KT's blog, and damned if I didn't just write about not being type A. Too bad I didn't read yours first because I would have totally stolen type L - that's just how L I am. Anyway, I am super impressed with your garden and please tell your daughter that she is beautiful and may continue eating. The rolls look delicious even on a computer screen.

  5. Laughing so hard I literally almost fell off my chair!

    Firstly I thought my abs couldn't take it when you said your daughter is afraid that people might find out she eats...and THEN that creepy doll on the lawn - that's a real WTF moment!!

  6. I have been catching up on the blogs I follow...fell behind a LOT this past while...anyway, just had to nip back here and tell you I love the comments you leave all over the're spreading, April!!! GREAT!!! You are truly one of the funniest and most talented writers out there and I do hope you're SERIOUS about writing a book. You should just start with getting your blog posts published :)

    I laughed so hard when I read your comment about lobotomy dolls! You have a brilliant mind!!!!! See, I'm also using many !!!!!!!!!! In fact, I've outdone your use of them by a looooooong way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo

  7. That doll was sort of creepy but I wouldn't worry too much until someone leaves a horsehead in your

    I gained 5lbs. just looking at your rolls!lol You need to post a recipe unless it's some sort of family secret deal.


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