Saturday, May 28, 2011

Look what we found in the back yard now...

Nope, not a vampire child.

Regular readers are by now aware of the fact that I am like a magnet for lost animals.  It seems I can't go a month without finding a creature that needs TLC and for me to find it a  home.  So, it surely will come as no surprise that this was in the backyard, by the honeysuckle, last night:

It is a female and about 5 or 6 weeks from what I can tell.

She looks fierce, right?  Well, actually she isn't hissing, she is mid-meow.

She is such a cutie and, of course, the kids are clamoring to keep her.  But, as you all are aware, I have a contentious relationship with my landlord.  I mean, that for some inexplicable reason, she hates me.  So, I am not sure if the kitten can stay long.  But, she is here for now.

Could you resist that little face?  

She is up here on my desk as I type and she is fascinated with the computer, the screen, the fingers.  Kitten claws- little needles of love.

Tomorrow we are going to walk uptown to get some litter ( a neighbor gave me some for now) and a real litter box (we are using a cardboard box) and more food.  Let's hope all goes smooth and there is nothing to blog about.


  1. Oh, she's adorable! I hope you'll be able to keep her! Your little vampire child looked so scary...she certainly had me guessing, until I read a little further ;)

    How do you come up with all these funny bylines?

  2. She is always running around with those plastic teeth she got for Halloween.

  3. Yep, April the lost critter whisperer!

    I'm with you on this. Who could let that adorable little kitten stay out in that awful world out there. You probably saved her life.

    Hopefully the landlord won't notice.

    Lov ya gal! You NEVER give up!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! She is absolutely adorable - I vote you keep her! Stuff the landlady...what she doesn't know won't hurt her!

    What a little angel!

  5. Just popped by to see how you're getting on with the new baby in your house...and discovered I'd completely missed your last post...I've caught up now, though and left you a comment.

    I hope all is well and there haven't been any further nasty confrontations with the neighbourhood bullies. Hope kitty is settling well, too ;)

    Keep safe and strong!


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