Monday, May 30, 2011

A kitty, the Toothfairy and an ulcer

This weekend has been incredibly full and busy... a condition my type L (for Lazy) personality finds stressful.

My two oldest children had their last day of homeschool on Friday.  My youngest has been done for a couple of weeks and while I initially started her on the next years curriculum, I regained my senses and let the kid have the break she had earned.

So, yeah, I can rest my brain a little this summer.  I don't know if you all realize it, but homeschooling three kids takes a lot of brain power.  While I normally prefer to use my brain to read trashy novels and calculate the best way to eat a Reese's, this past year I have spent most weekdays using it for a higher purpose.  Maybe it will pay off one day when my kids choose my nursing home.

In other stressful news.  My son lost a tooth on Friday night.  The Toothfairy, being old and tired, fell asleep and when my son woke up he was disappointed.  Until, through some impressive slight of hand, I helped him find a dollar bill 'near' where he slept.

Did I mention that it was the last dollar in the Toothfairy's cash stash and she didn't think she needed to walk to an ATM, because what were the chances another kid in this house would lose a tooth this weekend?  Pretty damn good, come to find out.

Last night, my youngest lost a tooth.  Well, cuss!  So, last night, the Toothfairy bravely managed to stay up way past a normal bedtime, so that she could rifle through her old handbags for loose change.  It was touch and go- at one point it looked as if my youngest was going to receive 48 pennies wrapped in a paper towel (yes,  our Toothfairy is white trash).  However, upon scraping the gritty bottom of one large handbag 60 cents in 'good' silver coinage was found...and wrapped in a paper towel.

Why the paper towel?  Because the Toothfairy didn't have anything else and she wanted to save me from having to crawl under the bed to find change that had slipped all over during the night.

Very considerate, but I figure she is just butt kissing at this point, because she has overheard me swearing that I would never start my kids on the Santa, Easter Bunny, Toothfairy path if I had it to do again.  And, I wouldn't.  I know, I am a killjoy or whatever, but I have good reason, beyond my loss of money and sleep.  Like the fact that my oldest felt foolish and betrayed when she found out she was being lied to for all those years.  In hindsight, I think all those guys benefit us adults far more than the kids.

Once my duties were performed last night, I popped a Zantac to quell the fire in my gut and flopped gratefully into bed.  However, I was up much earlier than I like to be, because of the kitten.  She was ready to go and needed minding.

I have pretty much decided we are going to try to keep her.  I plan to get the necessary paperwork from the landlord this week (I shall be wearing my garlic necklace and carrying holy water when I beard her in her cheaply paneled ode to 80's mauve decorated den).

 I was pretty much a goner when she put her little paws on each side of my face and did some little kissy/pecking thing to my face- like a cute, furry baby kissing me.  Then she fell asleep, belly up in my arms with her paws wrapped around my hand.   C'mon, who can resist that?  I can't.  I felt my heart grow 3 sizes.

After completing a  covert attack on the vacuum, she wanted to suppress any uprising from the throw rug.

Can I have some more of that tuna gruel you make for me?

I have a princess blankie.

Stealth mode...hey, lady...I am trying to be covert here!

By the way, if anyone has any name suggestions, let me know.  I don't like the Fluffy, Princess, Poopsie type of names.  I actually like Sophie, but the kids are still trying to come up with something they like better.

Finally, have any of you ever made pancakes from scratch?  I never had made real pancakes like this before and oh, my, what was I missing?!  So much better than stuff from the box and super simple.  This is how I am making them from now on.


I got this recipe from Woman's Day magazine May 2011 issue.

To make 4 servings (12 pancakes), in a large bowl, whisk together 1 cup all-purpose flour, 2 T sugar, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp baking soda, and a pinch of kosher salt.

 (I used 1/4 tsp of regular table salt, cause I used all my kosher salt on the ice on the steps this winter- what can I say?  My ass hitting the pavement does not make for a good day...)

In a seperate bowl, whisk 3/4 C of whole milk (I used skim, I can't stand to drink whole and I certainly wasn't making a special trip to the store for it in 90+ heat or I would have been the pancake) and a large egg.  

Add the milk mixture to the flour mixture and whisk until fully incorporated, small lumps are fine.

(The following are my directions, because when I ripped this recipe out of the magazine, I didn't bother with  the cooking instructions, because I have been making pancakes for over 25 years.  I got the cooking part down.)

Heat your lightly oiled skillet on med-high heat and when hot (a drop of water will sizzle and dance across the surface), add batter 2T per pancake (larger cakes are harder to cook through and flip and kids love several small cakes in a stack compared to one monster that is doughy in the middle).  Flip when bubbles form and sides begin to set.  After about 1 minute remove from pan.  If you are cooking a lot of pancakes and want to serve all at once, you can keep them warm in a greased pan in a warm (200 degree) oven.

I would love to know what you all have made from scratch recently.  I know Linda from The Squashed Tomato recently had a great experience working in a professional kitchen.  You all should check out her yummy blog and read about the fun she had while doing the chef thing.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention!! I was laughing my head off about the Toothfairy - and realised that, before I am a mom one day, I need to get in the habit of having cash on me...I never do! My parents were always SO good with the teeth collection and payments, we'd wake up to shiny coins gleaning in our slippers...must have been very stressful from their side!

    That kitten has stolen my heart - those eyes!! As for names, I like Pixie, Cashew, Rolo... yup, I am guessing I like the names that you do not! Sophie is very cute as well and seems to suit her little face. I am so, so glad you're keeping her!!

  2. WHEN CAN I COME OVER FOR TEA & PANCAKES??? These look yummy and I have a weakness for them...of the kind that once I start, I'm unable to stop. My Mum used to make them for us...I'm too lazy. I do so admire how you make baking look so easy (I used to be like that in the distant past).

    Your kitten is just too gorgeous. I want to come over and cuddle her. We could never have cats, as Linda is allergic to them :( She loves them but starts to scratch and sneeze and wheeze and break out in hives.

    April, I so enjoy visiting your blog. You truly are one of the most talented and readable writers out there & I cannot understand why you don't have a HUGE following!!! You truly are a natural :) Thank you, as always, for a wonderful read and peek into your day-to-day life. Your kids are so lucky to have a Mom like you!!!

  3. I love pancakes, too, but they fill me up so fast! It is too bad Linda is allergic to cats, I am sure you all would have been just as wonderful with cats as you are with dogs. Thanks for the compliments, it makes my day.


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