Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guess the 'pocalypse missed us...

I have to confess to one of my many parenting failures.  I allowed my kids to watch the end of the world movies The Knowing and 2012 a couple years ago.  Since then, my son especially, has been unusually concerned with the world exploding or shifting out of orbit or flooding.

I have felt lousy about it and I get exasperated, because he obsesses and I try to reason with him, but he persists in his fear.

I am sure you all heard about the nut-bait loser that was forecasting doomsday would occur yesterday.  Well, if I could have gotten my hands on him, I could have ensured his meeting with the Lord.  Every kid I knew was a nervous wreck over this crap.

Some of them pretended they didn't believe it or care, but when a storm moved in yesterday evening, they all freaked.  Seriously, I could shake that chicken-necked bastard until he shat himself.

Once the storm passed we experienced a very surreal sepia-toned sky that washed everything with a mellow light and a rainbow.  Then, the sky lightened just before the sun set to show beautiful foamy clouds that reminded me of waves on a beach.  My kids, the neighbor kids and I all stood outside admiring the sky.  I did not get a decent picture of the rainbow,  my camera just isn't good for that, but I did manage to get some other shots to show the yellow-tint and beautiful clouds.

My daughter doesn't want me to take her pic, but that isn't the interesting thing about this photo.  The impending ninja showdown behind her is.

My backyard under a yellow sky.

Clouds, clouds and more clouds.

After everyone realized that they were not in fact going to die, they went back to being kids and playing until dark.

Did you notice how many kids are in my immediate vicinity?  Maybe that explains these interesting finds in the flower patch:

Everything appears OK from this view.  

Oh, look!  My very expensive frigging mop!!

This one amuses me.  I imagine the twiddlebugs had 
an off-roading accident.
Remember these guys?

And I like how pretty the rain drops on the leaves are.

C'mon kids, really?!

Finally, I wanted to share the pictures my youngest made for me.  See if you can figure out what she drew?

I love how the guy on the left is on a 'hill'.

It is Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat.


  1. Tell your son that ever since my Mother was a child (she's 77 now)and I was a child (I'm 56 now) people have been predicting the end of the world and they will continue to do so...probably because it gives them a high to see everyone else around them collapse in fear.

    The light certainly was yellow as can be clearly seen from your pictures. The clouds showed a lot of turbulance. Bet you were glad you weren't flying ;)

    Your neighbourhood looks so quiet (I realise the many kids will dispel that myth though!) and I love how large your back gardens much space to play! Also, here most people fence off their gardens from everyone else...that this is not done where you are is a striking difference. I'm sure it adds to the community spirit, although maybe one can have too much of that, too? We tend to live in isolation from our neighbours with all the fences, walls and gates keeping everyone apart.

    My guess is someone in the neighbourhood has heard it's fashionable to use 'junk' in the garden as 'art' and they're decorating yours for you! ;)

    Another great post, April...tell your little girl we LOVE her drawings!

  2. The ninjas in the background photo is classic! also enjoyed the funny items in you flower


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