Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter, storms and sadness

Louisville, KY

We have been hit with endless storms.  There has been a great deal of damage from winds, possible tornadoes and flooding.  Amazingly, the worst damage has not affected my area.  It seems to cut around us every time.

We have spent a great deal of time huddling in the basement lately, though, and I know two things: 1- I am ready for calmer weather and 2- I really need to clean the basement.

Last weekend we celebrated Easter in a completely appropriate way- gorging on candy and food.

What the bunny brought the kids.

As if nausea from too much junk food and Mother Nature's fury weren't enough to make the week suck, my landlord decided that I can not have a garden or flower beds or basically do anything to improve my yard.  The only thing you can have is a big useless, eco-unfriendly (I just made it a word) patch of worthless lawn.

Lawns were originally a luxury that announced- "Look, I have lots of money so I don't need to use this spot to grow food and I have lots of serfs to keep it mown!"  Funny thing, I don't have lots of money and my kids are the closest I will ever get to having serfs (simmer down, it was a joke...sorta...).  

If I can climb atop my soap box, I would like to rant a bit about the absolute waste of time, energy and money that is a huge expanse of grass.  I am not alone on this- you can read more here: and here:  Never mind all of that environmental stuff or sanity...we NEED uniformity!  What the frigging ever!!

Little do they  know that the lawn they are  making me replant is going to be surprisingly high on native wildflowers.  Little is all I have.  

The week was already pretty much a suck-fest and then we  had to give up the puppy we saved.  It is a long story, but the highlights are:  the puppy is seriously ill and the people that had him previously wanted him back.  He is having seizures and he was not keeping any food or water down after the second day we had him and was increasingly weakening. 

 I am not a cruel person and I would not prolong the suffering of an animal just to make myself feel better.  I discussed the situation with my children and we agreed that we would not be able to keep him.  There is no way we can afford anything but basic care for a pet- hell, if I didn't have insurance for the kids, the humans of this family would be in the same boat. 

I foolishly mentioned that he was probably too ill to save and might need to be euthanized to the family that had previously been 'caring' for the dog.  They lost their collective shits and insisted upon taking the puppy back.  

My oldest daughter is furious and is trying very hard not to let this contaminate her friendship with the children of this family, but since, like me, she agrees that the puppy either needs serious medical intervention (considering we took him because he wasn't given ANY care)  or to be put out of it's misery, she is very upset.

This other family means well, but they are kind of like those animal hoarder people you see on TV.   In fact, they get tons of animals and then dump them on their grandparents farm for the elderly, and not exactly brimming with health, grandparents to care for.  This is not responsible pet care.  Enough said.  In fact, that is probably more than I should have said, considering the fury that is likely to fall upon my head when they learn I have been airing the neighborhood's dirty laundry.

The only highlight of this week so far was my utter refusal to do anything yesterday.  I did not clean, I did not cook anything that required more than turning on the oven, I didn't so much as step off my porch.  I read and watched movies all day.   I know my highlight sounds lame, but for me that is a good day.    Here's hoping next week doesn't suck.


  1. I'm so glad to hear you've managed to escape the worst of those horrific storms. Sorry to hear you're not permitted to make a garden! That seems insane, to say the least! I know you feel lousy about the fate of the puppy. Certainly NOT an easy situation and I do hope the poor little thing will not suffer unnecessarily :(
    Your week really seems to have been a bit of everything...the Easter treats looked the children were overjoyed!

  2. Hawaii? Go for it, April :) Your kids will love it, your mean landlord will have to find a new tenant and you'll get to laze on the beach with a good book on sunny weekends!!!

  3. week sucked too!

    But. Desiree's comment had me going back through your post....HAWAII.....what about Hawaii????? kt

  4. Just read your comment about uncooked rice as a remedy....didn't know that....thanks will give it a try THE NEXT time and you know there will be a next time....right?......kt

  5. I have popped round to do my neighbourly check...doors all secure? Windows bolted? Don't want any tornadoes carrying you off!!!


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