Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Once again, my house and yard were THE PLACE to be this weekend. 

 We had water balloon and whipped cream balloon fights, which of course led to hose and bucket fights once the balloon supply was exhausted.  It was warm, but quite windy, which did make for some chilly kids in soaked clothes and also led to the funniest thing I heard all weekend.

There is this boy that visits his mom on weekends.  He is one of those wild daredevil types.  I have seen him and his brother pull stunts like sled on ice sitting in a mop bucket, pull one another in a toy shopping cart down the street behind a dirt bike and joust with pointed sticks.

After being thoroughly drenched several times, he tells the kids that he doesn't want to get wet anymore.  Of course, no one really listens and they continue to chase him.  He starts yelling, "I quit, I am not playing anymore!" SPLASH!  "But I'm a quitter!"  he wailed.

That cracked me up so much, the 'I'm a quitter!'   Still giggling about it!

Don't worry, he didn't get pneumonia and continued to  gleefully risk his life and limbs for the rest of the weekend.

For most of Saturday morning, we had a hillbilly bubble bath in the front yard.

Still not sure who thought of this, but everyone took turns playing in the bubbles and my oldest just went all in!

That night, the  kids used chalk to draw a huge mural on the back wall of my house.

It is hard to see, but it is a big sea dragon and a sun and clouds.

I spent my time either digging, planting and watering my garden-in-progress or sitting on the porch under my pink polka-dot Barbie rain umbrella- the sun on my front porch gets intense!  At one point, I felt the skin on my arm crisping like pork rinds.

I also had to buy a cheapy garden fence to edge my flower beds up front, because I was getting a little crazy about the neighbor kids stomping into the area where my wee flowers are trying to sprout.  At one point, I went CSI and matched the tracks to their individual shoes and told each of them off.

I toyed with the idea of surrounding the beds with 3 foot tall sticks sharpened to a point, but didn't relish the idea of having to pull screaming children off of them, so I resorted to the cheap white fence.  So far it works to remind them not to step there, which is good,  because it wouldn't stop a guinea pig from breaching it.

It was a good start to Spring Break.


  1. You'vee got your blog title're not a terrible're a great Mom, alright...but a CRAZY Mom! You sure do make extra work for yourself (now I sound like my Mother...she used to tell me that all the time when my kids were little and I'd let them have a happy time making a mess that I'd then have to clean up afterwards.

    Hope your baby plants survive :) You deserve a great garden full of flowers, butterflies and bees!

  2. You went CSI

    April, you crack me up!


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