Saturday, April 2, 2011

I really am a scatter-brain

I promised to post photos of my furniture once my sectional arrived and it is only taking me 2 weeks to do it.

I have to admit that my girls picked out everything!  

People always ask what the wall says, so I will just save us the trouble and post the quote:
In Our Home
we do second chances
we say grace
we thank God for our blessings
we say I'm sorry
we forgive
we play hard
we do loud really well
we give hugs
we do love
We Are Family

This is a pic of the neat spinning chair  and my new computer desk and yes, it is always this messy!
This is my new bedroom!  I love it, but this photo doesn't do the curtains justice.  They are two shades of purple to match the bedding.
This is my new TV and entertainment center!  It is wonderful!  Before I got this, I had a blurry 19 inch on a precariously leaning TV cart. Since this photo was taken, I have put a quote on the wall above that says:
May the warm
winds of heaven blow softly on this house.

We always loved to hang out together, but it is even nicer now that we have comfy furniture and a giant TV for watching movies.  


  1. Your home is lovely, April! Everything works so well together and I love the wall quotes and the super arrangement of family pictures. What's with all the fibs you've been telling us about 'not doing housework!' Your home is magazine perfect...everything in it's place and so tastefully arranged.

    The kids look super contented and don't appear to think they'll be moving off those comfy seats anytime soon!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, however the house has not looked this nice since the pics were taken. I swear. In fact, I spent all day digging in my future vegetable patch and haven't touched a dish. I also am totally ignoring the increasing pile of laundry.

  3. Laundry is the worst. Easy to load into the washing machine...not so easy to process it once it's done, but the most difficult part of all...folding and ironing! It's much nicer to play in the garden! :)

  4. Just got to this post today.

    Your place is looking good! I love the way your pictures are arranged on your living room wall. The tree art is cool!

    I'm not very good with decorating. Besides, I live in my Dad's house and I have to change things gradually so it won't upset him. kt


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