Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am a very lucky soul in that I have passed the baby-and-toddler-years-sleep-deprivation-stage of my life.  I spent roughly 10 years in the trenches- I have paid my dues.

A person could be forgiven for thinking that I would be impassive about the occasional sleep-loss, if that person were a total stranger.  Anyone that knows me well, knows that sleep is on the list with God, chocolate and trashy novels as non-negotiables.

I probably have some sort of mental malfunction, because I take insomnia personally.  Like some sort of cosmic kick in the ass.  Imagine how chipper I am this morning after 2 nearly sleepless nights in a row!  IN A CUSSING ROW!  Where am I?  In some sort of torture camp?

Two nights ago, Mother Nature decided to put on a big show for central Kentucky, complete with hurricane force winds, tornadoes, torrential downpours and booming thunder.  Since I don't relish an unscheduled trip to Oz, I stayed up until 2 am flipping through the local stations, tracking the storm along with the weathermen.

In case anyone wonders why I flip around, it isn't because I am so paranoid to think one weatherman might neglect to report that cyclonic death was barreling down on my town.  It is because I find them irritating and can only take listening to each one for just so long before I have to switch to someone else with a different method of getting on my nerves.

But I digress...

Once the threat of death by tornado had passed, I collapsed into bed, only to be kept awake by intermittent thunderstorms for the next couple of hours.  Needless to say, I was not nice mommy yesterday.

Then, of all the unmitigated gall, my internal clock or whatever, decides that after one night of sleeplessness, it wants a repeat performance.  I spent the night playing that game where you keep checking the alarm clock, getting increasingly frantic about my inability to fall asleep.

Finally, at the unholy hour of 7 am I crawled out of bed and decided that since I was already miserable I would clean.  I  also took the puppy out, treated the stray dog  that won't leave my porch for fleas and fed and watered both of them.  I am in such a pissy mood, I just might clean and organize the basement today.

I have also placed a 'Found' ad with the local paper for the stray.  I hope to find her owner, she is a sweetie.  If I can't find whoever lost her, I will need to find a new home for her.  Anyone in my area interested in adopting her, please let me know.


  1. Oh, you poor soul. I know just what you mean. I also need my sleep just as I need oxygen and I don't do well on less than my acceptable quota.

    I hope you have success finding the owner of your stray visitor and, failing that, a loving new home.

  2. "Anyone that knows me well, knows that sleep is on the list with God, chocolate and trashy novels as non-negotiables." I love the way you put things. April you are a jewel....I am so glad I found you!......kt


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