Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is a fickle cuss word

Yesterday, I tempted fate and boasted of finally having nice weather.  Even the late afternoon tornado warnings and small bits of hail did not dim my view.  This is central Kentucky.  Local tornado sirens wail so often that I sometimes think I hear them even when they aren't going off (OK, maybe that last part is just me and has something to do with rapidly encroaching senility, but I digress...)

This morning, I peeped out my window and the gray skies and general gloom still did not dispel my rare good humor.  No, that did not occur until 9:51 am, when I popped out the front door on my way to the mailbox.  I no sooner stepped onto the porch, then I yelped, cursed and rushed back into the house.

In short- the frigid is back.  Once again, it is bone-chilling cold.  Like we haven't seen enough of this all winter!  

Determined not to have the day be a total wash, I did some light house work (boo! hiss!) and spent the afternoon watching movies with the kids.

One movie we watched was  Fantastic Mr. Fox.  

Fantastic Mr. Fox Poster

I have wanted to watch this for a while and I was not disappointed.  I found it hysterical and my 12 year old also loved it, but my two younger children weren't nearly as entertained.  They weren't completely bored, but they weren't laughing uproariously, either.

Maybe that is because, in spite of the animals, this movie is definitely targeted toward adults.  I don't mean R rated type of adult.  I mean, subtle and dry humor with plenty of wit.  There were plenty of scenes that caused me to laugh out loud- George Clooney as the self-absorbed Mr. Fox is brilliant.  

However, the movie had  one running joke that still has me and the  kids giggling.  In place of every cuss word that would normally be used, the characters simply said 'cuss' or 'cuss word'.   For instance, the characters would exclaim, "What the cuss?"   

Now, I have 31 years of foul language fluency under my belt, but I absolutely love this approach to language.  Anyone remember The Smurfs and their use of the word 'Smurf' in place of arbitrary words?smurfs - the-smurfs photo
The Fantastic Mr. Fox is like that- with obscenities.  Clever.  Love it!

So, you can surely agree when I say that Spring is a fickle cuss word.  

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  1. ARE on a roll aren't you? Good job!

    Just popped by to let you know that the guest spot posts on Wednesday, March 30th. kt


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