Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rain, rain-go away!

It is so gloomy today that at 9 am, I still thought it was around 6am.  I was trying to 'sleep in' when the doorbell rang.  I very grumpily thought, 'who the hell is ringing my bell before 7 in the morning?'

It was one of my daughter's friends who had forgotten something she needed and it was after 9 am and pouring rain.  I am sorta bummed.  I was hoping to shove the kids out the door this weekend while I did some much needed early spring-cleaning and I wanted to walk to the grocery store later.

I am really not heartbroken about delaying the cleaning, but I am sick of what is in my fridge and cupboards and was hoping to find something good to make for dinner.  Ah, well- I hate wet ankles, so I am going to stay home.

On another, completely unrelated topic- I have been watching a ton of TV lately.  On top of marathons of 'NCIS', I have watched the first 5 seasons of 'Weeds' and both seasons of 'Drop Dead Diva'.  Yeah, Netflix!

I really enjoy 'Weeds', it is off-beat and irreverent, however, I am increasingly disenchanted with Mary-Louise Parker's character, Nancy Botwin.

If you don't know anything about the show, the premise is that a young widow takes up selling pot to the secret stoners in her suburban neighborhood in order to maintain her lifestyle.  As time has gone on, the character has evolved into a self-involved drama-junkie.  I intend to watch season 6, it is an entertaining show, with a lot of great characters, but Nancy Botwin makes me want to smack her one and that has kind of ruined my former enjoyment with the show.

I know I have always let little things about TV and movies affect the way I feel about a program, but I can't help it.  For instance, I always had a hard time enjoying 'Seinfeld' because George Constanza was so repulsive to me and don't get me started on reality dating shows- let's just say I can't be entertained by women so desperate for fame, attention and love that they will participate in a nightly stew in a jacuzzi swapping saliva with a moral-less Lothario.

Photo Gallery: The Bachelor
On the other hand, I am still loving 'Drop Dead Diva'.  On this show, a pretty 24 year old aspiring model dies and returns to earth in another body.  She takes over the life of a 32 year old overweight and frumpy lawyer.  Admittedly, I would have sooner ripped out a molar than watch a show about a 24 year old dim-witted model, but the evolution of the character as she tries to come to terms with her new life is very compelling.  I find myself smiling and sniffling through each episode.

While there is plenty of legal drama, at heart, this show deals with the idea of soul mates.  I am on edge waiting to see if her former love recognizes her as his true love in her new guise.  Yes, I am a romantic sap, at least when it comes to my entertainment choices.

 Along with great regular characters, this show has a constant stream of wonderful guest stars.  I love seeing some of my favorite actors in great character roles.

Drop Dead Diva Poster

I can't wait for season 3 to start on Lifetime in June!

I should also mention that since I bought the 'Megamind' DVD last week, my youngest has watched it multiple times a day.  Funny, because I enjoyed the movie, but thought that the humor wouldn't appeal to small children.  I guess I should have taken into account that they are being raised by a weird, profane and sarcastic woman with more brains than social skills.

Now, you all know what important things have kept me from blogging this week.

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  1. I love 'Drop Dead Diva'.

    But, other favorites are (and not in any particular order)
    The Big Bang Theory, Castle, The Mentalist, and Blue Bloods.

    Be thankful it is just rain. I just read a blog where it is snowing again!....kt


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