Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lurking and fragile tendons

I am going to keep this post short, because I had to remove my wrist brace to type.  I am blogging so soon after suffering traumatic injury (stay tuned for that story) because my good blogger friend Karen Taylor from honored me with a guest post on her blog today.

  I wish to thank Karen and all of her followers that have taken the time to read and comment.  I love comments- who knew I would be such an attention seeker?  Don't feel bad if you don't comment and merely lurk, because I am forced to admit that I lurk.  I lurk a lot!

Some people in the blogging world find lurking (reading or skimming a blog, but not commenting) objectionable, but I read dozens of blogs, numerous news and comedy sites, a magazine or two and usually a book- each day.  (I have that kind of time to devote to reading for various reasons- I am single, so there is no man to get in the way and I tend to neglect all of my household duties).  So, I don't often comment on blogs.  But I am there.

I am there reading, smiling, commiserating, and often laughing right out loud.  I am like a Peeping Tom, just watching and enjoying.  Oh, wait, that sounds creepy.  I mean- I really, really love blogs and enjoy reading them in my, that sounds even worse.  Oh, great, now you are going to be like the cute guys that I try to chat up at the grocery- increasingly pale and fidgety.   Forget I mentioned it...

To take your mind off the awkward, I will share the series of events that have caused me to wear a wrist brace all week.

It was chilly, so I decided to put on my nice, warm red cable knit sweater and I sprained my wrist doing it.

No, no, I did not fall or get attacked by ninjas or any of the 9,873 other things that would be more probable and believable as the cause of a severely sprained wrist.

I was talking  to my daughter (still trying to figure out if she has any liability here) and I pushed my arm down my sleeve and somewhere along the 30-odd inches of the sleeve, my hand bent over toward my palm.

Now, I have attempted to recreate the event in my mind, so I can figure out what I was doing wrong.  I can say with certainty that I did not suddenly develop superpowers of speed or strength, so there wasn't excessive forceful thrusting in the sweater.

Nope.  Near as I can tell, the couple inches I pushed my bent hand down the sleeve to the armhole was enough  to cause serious pain.  Lamest injury ever!

At least now, the time I burned all of my finger tips by removing a cake pan out of a 350 degree oven with my bare hands, seems a tiny bit less lame.

I can't say I am looking forward to the inevitable injury that will make this one look less dumb.


  1. You and Karen are cut from the same pattern! Who would have believed there could be two Karen's out there waiting for an accident to happen to themselves! I've really heard everything now! Imagine if you went to school and told your teacher you weren't able to write your essay as you'd sprained your wrist whilst pulling on your jersey! She'd never have bought it!

    Oh, I'm so glad to have found are so good for the soul! You've given me 3 great reads in one day! This is addictive!!!

  2. Yep....sounds like something I would do...except I would probably have turned around and fallen over my daughter only to sprain something else.'ll come to LOVE Desiree.........kt


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