Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liar, Liar!

I have been chosen by my lovely blog friend Karen at Out of My Mind blog to participate in a fun bloggy thing (sorry, it is 9 am, my inner thesaurus is still loading).

It is the Memetastic Award.

Apparently, I have been tasked with telling 5 tidbits about me, only one of which is true.  You all are supposed to guess which is true.  Weee, fun!  Oh, and my mom can't play, cause she knows all my secrets.

I guess I also have to choose 5 other blogs to pass the Big Liar torch to and I am going to choose:
Kostiuk Crew:
Confessions of a Bookworm:
Crazy House:
Don't Read This; It's Boring:
My Journey with Candida Blog:

Whew, that was hard!  I follow a gazillion blogs, but Karen is the only blogger I communicate with regularly.

OK, on to the tall tales and nugget of truth:

1.  I was a cheerleader all through high school.    Even though I am not especially coordinated, I made it as a cheerleader my sophomore year and continued until graduation.  Away games were my favorite!

2. I have Chirotophobia.  It is a phobia of bats.  The terrify me.  I scream, cry and run for cover whenever I see one.  I had a bat fly into me when I was a kid and every since then, I can't even look at one without feeling faint.  *shudder*

3. I was mugged in Hawaii.   I foolishly went walking, alone, in Waikiki after dark.  I was trying to decide if I was going to grab a bite to eat at a small,. open air restaurant and my back was to a parking garage.  A man shoved me down, yanked my purse and jumped in a jeep and drove off.  He only got $41 and some cheap lip gloss.

4. I always wanted children, for as long as I can remember.  When I was little, I always played house and with dolls and couldn't wait to grow up and be a mom.  Everyone used to remark that I would one day make a great mom.  It was the primary focus of my young adult life.

5. I am very anti-social and would be happy as a hermit.  If  I had to live in the Alaskan bush and only see other people a few times a year, I would be very content.  I really enjoy being alone and I hate going out in public.  Especially places with lots of noise and activity.  Wal-mart is a nightmare.

OK, so how well do you all think you know me?  Which is the truth? Let me know in the comments.  Once again, Mom, you can't play.  Haha!


  1. Ok, I should eliminate myself because I THINK I have gotten to know you over the past few months.

    So, I am going to E you my answer. Let's see if I am right!


  2. I'm thinking it the fear of bats.

    I went to an animal psychic and she told me my animal spirit is ......... the bat!!!


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