Monday, February 14, 2011

If you give a girl a jerk...

If you give a girl a jerk,
She will probably want you to meet him.

When you meet him,
You will realize he is a total douche.

If  you try to help the girl see he is a douche,
She will not be grateful.

When the douchy jerk moves in with the girl,
you will be forced to see him occasionally.

When you are forced to see him,
you will  wish using a cattle prod on a man were legal.

If you try to explain your feelings to your friend,
she will choose the jerk over you.

When she does this often enough,
she will only have the douchy jerk left.

Eventually the jerk will disappear,
usually via prison or another woman.

When the jerk disappears,
the girl will want to cry on your shoulder.

If you forgive her,
realize she will find another douchy jerk to replace the last.

And to the girl with the douchy jerk in my neighborhood- just because you put up with him, doesn't mean the rest of us are willing to deal with his obnoxious bullshit.

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