Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to waste a Sunday

My jaw and face have nearly healed.  I am very grateful.  I couldn't smile or laugh without it hurting.

I have been nursing some sort of stomach thing on and off for a few days.  I don't know what it is- possibly my ulcer.  I know, such a nice topic for a Sunday morning.

Speaking of nice- we have finally had a break in the weather.  Yesterday, it was almost 50 degrees.  We walked to the park and I finished a romance novel while the kids played on the swings and slides.

Today it is even warmer and sunny.  I would like to say that I am going to get out an enjoy it, but I am not sure because of the nausea.

I have managed to continue working out.  Yeah, me!  I hope all of you that said you were going to try getting some exercise have managed to find time.  I will admit that on the 3rd day, every time I had to sit down or stand up, I whimpered.  My thighs were KILLING ME!!

I was hoping to get some early spring cleaning done.  Well, not cleaning so much as organizing.  I have a bunch of stuff that needs to move to the basement for storage.  I would like to be able to actually look into a closet, see what I need and reach in to get it.

Right now the closet scenario goes something like this:
1.  Try to figure out which of the 7 closets might be holding the desired item hostage.
2.  Pick a closet, open the door and break into a flop sweat over the man-sized mountain of junk piled wily-nily within.
3.  Begin digging for item.
4. Stuff falls on my head and back as I dig.  Feel momentary panic that I might be buried alive in closet.
5. Say lots of bad words.
6.  Start getting a little crazy and begin throwing EVERYTHING from the closet out onto the floor.
7. 45 minutes later realize that I chose the wrong closet to look in.
8. Dither for 2 hours (while recovering from earlier search) whether I really NEED the item.
9. Decide I need the item.  Repeat steps 1-7.
10.  Find the item, lying conspicuously in the open when I am searching for pain killers for strained back muscles.
11.  Repeat step 5.

The thing is to get to the basement, you have to use stairs.  I hate stairs.  Or, more accurately my bum knee hates stairs.  I also don't really care for my basement.

When I moved into this house, I had all sorts of grand illusions of making the basement in to a workout/ play room/ game room for all of us to enjoy.  Then reality crashed the party- my remodeling budget consisted of $6 to spend at the local dollar store.

I spent the $6 on cigarettes and have mostly ignored the basement for 9 months.

Maybe I will take on the closets and the creepy basement (inconveniently located at the bottom of some stairs) next weekend.

Probably not.

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