Sunday, February 27, 2011

Healthy and Sleepless in KY

I am finally, finally, finally well.  Hallelujah!  It only took 2 weeks.

I am, however, suffering from insomnia and have been awakes since 4 am.  *Sigh*... you can't have everything.

This week has been interesting and exciting.  Along with recovering from the world's worst cold, I got to buy some new furniture and most of it was delivered on Friday.

This is so exciting for me and the kids, because we have had very little in the way of furniture and most of it was very old stuff given to us by friends, neighbors or relatives.  Not to mention the fact that since I moved 2 years ago, we haven't had a kitchen table and chairs or real beds.

For a dinette I was using an old card table that was dented in the middle and 2 metal folding chairs, so only half of us could sit at the table at once.  Never mind that the table was so wobbly that drinks couldn't be placed on it, because they were sure to spill.

We had been using air mattresses to sleep on for a few years.  Several things caused this- the many moves, kids ruining the 'real' mattresses with vomit, etc.

I don't mind air mattresses- they are quite comfortable with a memory foam topper.  However, they have 2 drawbacks: they are close to the floor (and actually crawling out of bed sucks) and they tend to get holes or tears (and waking up with the head of your 'bed' deflated and your feet elevated REALLY sucks).

So, this weekend, the kids and I have enjoyed the novel and  wonderful experiences of getting to eat all together at a table again and getting to sleep more than 6 inches off the floor.  This is what rich people must feel like!

Now, I am waiting for my sectional to arrive.  As lovely as it has been to sit on 4 pieces of  violently clashing furniture (some reeking of old foot odor)- I can't wait to perch daintily (lounge lazily) on my beautiful, cushy couch.

The chair I purchased has already arrived.  It is a very modern piece- round, leather and suede, seats two and SPINS!  OK,  I should say that it rotates, but not  the way my kids use it.  My mother believes I should be handing out carnival tickets to the kids to 'ride' the spinning chair.  I just hope that it is durable.

I will post pics as soon as everything is in place.

I am finally sleepy again, so I am off to catch a couple more hours of rest.

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  1. Oh, sweetheart, been there done that. We single mothers have to give up so much. I gave the only bedroom to my kids while I slept on the floor in my front room (and they didn't have air mattresses then).

    I am so glad you are FINALLY getting some of the things you deserve.



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