Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fessin' Up

Thanks to everyone that tried to guess my fact from yesterday's post.  I heard back from so be sure to check out her post later today.

Now, time to confess.  Drum roll, please (so pretentious, like I am drum-roll material! La-di-da!)

#1- I am way too klutzy to ever cheerlead and since I am also pep and friendly deficient, I never considered trying out.
#2- I love bats.  I know that is a weird, but I find them fascinating and I think their little rodent-y faces are adorable.
#3- I wasn't mugged in Hawaii.  I have endured two mugging attempts.  One, when I was in 7th grade a kid tried to steal my lunch money at knife point.  I rolled my eyes at him and shook my Garfield lunchbox (complete with a smooshed Little Debbie and half-eaten apple inside) in his face.  He shuffled off, probably to find a real target.

The second time, I was in the Cornhill neighborhood of Utica, NY.  It is an armpit of despair and crime.  I was supposed to meet my boyfriend at his parent's house.  I leave my car and some guy pulls a knife and gives me  the crazy eye.  I felt my heart hit my throat, but then I got mad.  So, I sneered, "You picked the wrong white lady to rob, because I got about 47 cents in my purse."  I also told him my boyfriends name, which really put him off his quest to separate me from my riches.  He apologized (seriously) and I found out later he even told people about it.  Apparently, my brave front surprised him (inside though, I was calculating my odds of surviving various wounds).

#4- I never liked kids, even when I was one.  I definitely did not want to have any and I was very vocal about it.  I had no patience and I found them annoying.  I had friends with kids and I couldn't take more than 5 minutes of the little boogers before I was going mad.  I used to joke that my personal hell would be a Chuck E. Cheese on a Saturday afternoon.

That all changed when I got pregnant for my first child.  I was very content with pregnancy and the idea of having a baby, and once she was born, I fell madly in love with her.  Now, I have 3 kids and they are my absolute favorite people.

#5- This one is the truth.  I don't like people much.  I know, shocking.  I REALLY don't like crowds or noise or having to deal with strangers.  I am very happy at home, with a book.  I don't feel the need to 'go out' or do a lot of socializing.  When I start to feel stir crazy I can take a walk or run to the grocery store for some milk.  The 30 seconds I am talking to the cashier will hold me for 'socialization' for a couple of weeks.  I like solitude, which I guess is good, considering I don't play well with others.

One more truth, I have been up since 4:30 am because I have a dentist appointment today.  I am getting a wisdom tooth cut out and another (broken) tooth removed.  I am dreading this.  Obviously.

I have to go to a surgeon, so he can give me the good ol' wacky gas.  Otherwise, I freak out!  I suffered a really traumatic experience at the hands of an evil lunatic and have never fully recovered.  That will be another blog post for another day.

Right now, I am going to make up my meals for the next 3 days- jello, pudding and more jello.


  1. I just wanted EVERYONE to know that I picked the right answer (only I Emailed it to April). Am I awesome or what!

    Anyway, April, you are quite the writer. Where did you learn to write so well?

    And, sorry about the dental appointment. (And that reminds me about something that happened to me at a dentist's office....thanks for the new blog idea!


  2. Yes! kt did have the right answer!

    Thank you for the compliment regarding my writing. I get that a lot and it makes my mother crazy- she wants me to be the next Erma Bombeck. Haha!

    The dentist appointment- oh, my. I will blog about it as soon as I can stop shoveling pain killers in my face.

  3. I HATE the dentist - deathly afraid - only meds help me through it. Bad experiences when I was a kid.

    I would die without the social contact - don't want to be alone - ever. Social isolation would kill me.

  4. Hey, April...
    I just stopped by to invite you to visit my 2/4 birthday blog for some REVEALING informtion. kt


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