Monday, February 7, 2011


I am still recovering from my dental visit.  My face is still swollen and I talk with a lisp.  My left side of my face is like Brando in the Godfather.

I spent Friday cleaning in a vicodin fueled frenzy, so Saturday and Sunday I didn't have anything to do.  I read several books and magazines, but quickly became bored with the same plot lines, characters and articles.  If there hadn't been decent TV (an NCIS marathon on Saturday and the movie Enchanted on Sunday), the entire weekend would have been a wash.

Woke up today to rain that quickly turned into snow.  My favorite snow, too- the huge fluffy flakes that blanket the trees and bushes.

I also woke up to a sick kid.  Throat, stomach, fever- the works.  I gave her some medicine  and she has managed to keep it down.  Now, she wants me to finish painting her finger and toe nails.  She only got the right one's finished, because she is left handed.

She is sitting right here, and keeps sliding the bottle of sparkly blue polish closer to the keyboard.  I guess, now that I can't hit the Ctrl key without knocking the bottle over, I should wrap up this fascinating and entertaining post.

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  1. Aaaah, the dentist! My favorite place to go, NOT!
    I wish you a swift recovery and hope the sparkely blue polish is only on her nails!


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