Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yeah! A new follower and Snow!

First I want to say Hi to both of my followers! Haha!  Living the dream...

On to today's post:

First, it snowed and the kids are having a blast!  They have so much fun running outside, getting lots of snow, mud and nature all over themselves and then run inside and track it all over my house.  If  I were the kind of homemaker that mopped every day (or week- stop judging!) I might be more upset.  I just try to remember to wear my bedroom slippers with the 'outdoor' soles so that the slush bombs don't soak through to my socks.

Yes, my child is wearing two coats.  It IS snowing!

Speaking of pictures, in a burst of uncharacteristic ambition, I signed up for a weekly photography project group on flickr.  Well, submissions are due tomorrow and the best thing I came up with is also cliche:

Ah, well.  Unless something really interesting occurs in my house in the next 24 hrs this poo will be what I put on my flickr.  That will teach me for being a 'joiner'.

Oh, finally, since I have 2 followers now, I need to note that since posting about PayBox, I have learned they might be an elaborate scam.  I have not suffered any ill effects (spam, ninjas breaking into my house to steal my fresh fruit), but I just thought I would pass on the info.

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  1. Follower # 3...and I think your photo is beautiful!

    In regards to snow, I'm up in the great white north (and I'm an obsessive floor cleaner) but I find my floors stay cleaner in the winter because boots stay at the door. In the summer, bare or 'sandalled' feet seem to pick up more dust and dirt and bring it inside to spread around!


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