Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things to do in Hodgenville when you are bored

No, this isn't a list of actual things to do in my town, though it is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and there are several places you can play tourist at, though I haven't gotten around to visiting any of them, yet.  Hey, I have only lived here a couple of years.  I will get to it, eventually.

I have been a little bored this last week.  It is cold and snowy and I have hunkered down for the duration.  I have read- a lot.  Cooked, more than I want to and done endless sinks full of dishes (any dish washed is one too many in my book).

Dear God, I have even been lured back into Farmville.  Maybe that is when I knew I had bottomed out, I was asking for bricks to build my virtual Cupid's Castle.

By the way, if you ever decide to turn your keyboard upside down and give it a few hearty shakes, you might find all sorts of crumbs and dust raining all over your desk.  Just saying...


  1. FarmVille...Oh mannn, I have farmed until I had callouses on my finger tips.
    Recently I ventured into FrontierVille.
    I have a cousin and two grandchildren that sucker me into these things because they need neighbors. Until I started this blog I was on them WAY TOO MUCH!
    We are 26 degrees and dropping as the day goes on.
    Keep those tootsie warm....AND KEEP BLOGGING!
    BY THE WAY (and yes, I am shouting) kt

  2. I have something waiting for you on my blog,
    Check it out!


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  4. I had to quit Farmville. Cold turkey. That game drove me crazy!

  5. Too funny! Know exactly what you mean, as I was sucked into Farmville too. And it only led to the harder stuff: Cafe World and Treasure Isle! *L*


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