Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, Happy, Sunday

When I was a kid, I hated Sundays.  We were always broke, we didn't attend church and the TV only had 3 stations- one always broadcast bowling, another had  a lousy B movie and finally, my favorite- televangelists.

Time is funny for kids.  When you are bored and lonely, it drags and Sundays always felt like they were an eternity.  Even the end of a Sunday was sad, because the next day was always a school day and I hated school worse than a month of Sundays.

It is weird because as an adult, Sunday has  always been my favorite day of the week.  My kids and I are together most of the time, but Sundays just have a different vibe.  We watch movies, eat big home cooked meals and relax.  There is no where we have to go and nothing we have to do and that is such a relief.

Random Babbling Alert!  Something complete off-topic follows.

Tomorrow, my Big Girl starts a new online school curriculum and I am very excited (yes, more than she is).  She isn't one for a lot of reading and text books, but she loves being on the computer.  I am hoping that she will enjoy this new program and since I only have to worry about teaching her 'extras' like art and music, I should be spending a lot less time pouring over lesson plans.

Going to an oral surgeon this week to get a broken tooth and an impacted wisdom tooth removed.  Yeah, me!  If it weren't for the wacky gas and scrip for Vicodin he is going to give me, Thursday would be a total wash.

Finally, being Sunday, I am supposed to submit my weekly photo entry on my flickr group and I don't have anything.  Zip, Nada, Bupkiss!  I can't think of anything interesting to shoot, I don't want to get dressed and go look for anything to shoot. is a bit of a problem.

What's the worst that can happen?  I get kicked out of my free, voluntary group for not participating?  I need to remember this is why I don't join things.  I hate being obligated to do anything.  I know, some people are thinking, um...that is life.  However, I have done very well avoiding situations where I am obligated or required to do anything.

Well, I have 10 hours to take a picture of something.  Maybe I will get inspired sometime today.

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