Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stay out of my Homeschool!

I don't know what rock I have been living under, but it just smacked me in the face today that Republicans are pushing for a federal tax credit for homeschoolers.  Golly Gee!  That sounds awesome until I remember that it is the US federal government (killer of dreams) and the US Congress (boneheads of the free world).

There are many sides to this story, but even those in strong favor of public education admit that the government will exact a heavy toll for their meager credit.  There is an entire forum at the NY Times to debate this, and so far the majority is against this measure.

While there are many free resources available to homeschoolers, for the most part, you are going to come out of your pocket for a boatload of expenses.  It might be tempting to offset the cost of curriculum, books, globes, maps, lab equipment and field trips with a credit from Uncle Sam, but don't bite that carrot just yet.

It is no secret that most of mainstream society still see us as fringe extremists.  Anyone that doesn't believe that, just needs to have a conversation with a half dozen well meaning friends and neighbors that don't homeschool.  Tired assumptions that we are turning our children into socially retarded and deprived individuals while we stock our panic room abound.

Our public education system is broken.  Those that are high achievers in this system get there in spite of the education they are receiving.  Yet, time and again, people think sitting at a desk memorizing boring facts out of text books (usually flawed and substandard) is the only way to learn and anything else is just robbing your kid of a future. Even if I ignore the clear evidence that our schools now force our educators to 'teach to the test',  I  still don't want these people deciding how and what my children should learn.  If I did, they would be in public school.

I pray that this proposal fails.  I don't want the fools on Capitol Hill sticking their collective ignorant noses into my home demanding I follow their rules and regulations.  If that happens, I might as well buy my kids bullet-proof vests and send them back to public school.

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  1. Lots of good points! I confess I never think of the downside of tax credits. I certainly wouldn't want someone telling me what I could and could not do in my own home either!


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