Sunday, January 9, 2011

Migraines and Lunatics

I suffer from migraines.  Not as often as I used to, but I still get one once in a while.  Lucky, lucky, lucky me!  Stress and insomnia are my biggest triggers and I have had a bunch of stress in my personal life.  Some I won't discuss because it involves minor children, but I can rant about the email I received that left me shaking with fury (which, I always thought was one of those literary descriptions that real people don't experience, like heaving bosoms).

Long story short, I had a relationship for a few years with a man.  I broke things off 2 years ago, because of disagreements over raising the kids and money.  Infidelity was never an issue for us.

 We did the little make-up and break-up dance several times, including once last summer.  Within a couple of weeks of the last make-up/break-up I received a phone call from a woman that claimed she was living with my sometimes boyfriend.  We compared notes.  Realized he had lied and cheated on both of us with the other.  We  both declared that we were finished with him.  Only one of us meant it.

To sum it up, she continued to live with him and his cheating ways.  He continued to call and write me all the time.  Once, during a  24 hour period at the end of October I received 26 emails from him.

When the foolish girl checked his phone and computer, she realized what was going on and instead of paying attention to the messages I returned that were often either very mean or just polite impersonal replies about the kids and usually repeated that I wanted to move on, she goes crazy on me.  ME!  Like I want to be involved in their Jerry Springer/ Maury Povich romance!

Just before Christmas, the evil ex asked if he could come to my house for Christmas to see me and the kids.  I replied with things like 'Whatever!' and  'HELL NO!' and the last message I sent included a link to the wonderful song "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele.  If you don't know it, it is about a woman that is telling off an old love that threw it all away.  I then blocked his email address, like I had threatened.

Whew!  Still with me?  So, yesterday, I am reading emails and blogs, when I get a message from this lunatic girl telling me that she and the evil ex are now happily married and would I  'be a woman' and leave him alone?!  Of all the crazy nerve!  She then goes on to ask me to forward any new and future messages and email from him to her, so she can confront him. (side note:  it only took 10 minutes of calls to old friends and his family and an internet search to find out that while she calls herself his 'wifey' they are in fact not married.  Such trash!)

I don't know how I typed my reply, I actually was vibrating from rage.  How dare these trashy people keep trying to pull me into their problems?  How could someone I spent 4 years with, had planned to marry myself and had a fairly amicable split from, allow this woman to continue to harass me?!  

I replied that she was delusional.  If she could read, she would see that I repeatedly told my ex that I did not want anything to do with him anymore and that she knew I had blocked the old email accounts, because she had used a new one to contact me.  

I know she realizes he isn't being faithful to her and she wants me to do her dirty work and I told her so, before I closed with the statement that if I heard from either one of them again I was taking everything to the police.  Yep, it was a bluff, but I am hoping that they back off.

So, this is where the headache comes in.  It started within seconds of getting the email, continued all night and at about 9 am was so bad I had tears pouring from my eyes and blood coming from my nose.  I was like a horror movie.  My poor kids.  All I managed to do was throw cereal at them and beg my oldest to keep everyone quiet.

I have taken so much medicine that my liver is waving a white flag, but I have finally gone from crashing migraine to a normal headache.  Thank God. 

While I was thanking God I did ask him to get those human turds to leave me alone by whatever methods he found appropriate, though I am always down for a little lightning bolt or plague of locusts.

Hope the video thing works.  Never tried it before.  Adele is Awesome!  

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