Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I don't want to brag, but as a lazy person that hates to clean, I thought I could pass this nugget of sloth on to others.  My mother is already a convert.

 I can't have a real tree (kids with allergies) and after having all of my fragile glass bulbs get broken over the years I only use kid-friendly sturdy types.  So, 2 years ago I came across a wonderful invention, a fake tree that is not only pre-strung with lights (hallelujah!), but it has all the limbs attached.

 It comes in 2 pieces that you fit together and then kinda like an umbrella, the limbs come down and you fluff it up a little.  Here is the best part, exhausted and overwhelmed, when I went to take it down, I just folded it, ornaments and all and laid it in the box.

This year I only had to take it out and fluff.  A couple ornaments came off, but overall, it was a 10 minute process to put up and quicker to take down.

Feel free to steal my idea.  I have already posted it on the comments of Twofer Mom's blog. http://www.twofermom.com/twofer-journal/2011/1/10/christmas-clean-up-complete-and-im-reminded-why-some-go-for.html

Here is my tree.  Yes, it is a white tree.  Don't judge!  The kids liked it!

They also made paper chains this year, but the gold garland is still in place from LAST year.  Yep, there might be fancier trees, but mine is a stress-free special!!

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